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Planning Better Neighborhoods & Places

The way each person feels about the places where they live and work can affect overall health and well-being. Safe, attractive, and welcoming neighborhoods and gathering places make life better for everyone living in or near them, and a network of great corridors and neighborhoods makes our entire city a better place to be.

Specific Plans

Exceptional towns and cities, and the great neighborhoods within them, don't just happen. Cities constantly grow and change, and we can ensure that these changes are positive through the plans we make today.

  1. Identify, preserve, and build on the positive qualities of different places
  2. Acknowledge and identify solutions for existing problems
  3. Set goals and priorities that will shape the future of the area in the years to come

Included in the Plan

A Specific Plan is a Town Council-adopted document that includes goals, policies, a conceptual plan, and desired improvement projects that help better define and shape the character of an existing neighborhood, corridor, or activity center.

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