Press Release on the Telegraph Fire

For Immediate Release             June 11, 2021                           Town of Superior RE: Telegraph Fire The Town of Superior will be forever grateful to all of the crews who have worked to...

Public Notice - Home Rule 2020

PUBLIC NOTICE The voters of the Town of Superior in 2003 adopted an alternative expenditure limitation ‑ home rule option.  The purpose of this election is for the continued use of the alternative...

Call of Election 2020

CALL OF ELECTION PUBLIC NOTICE TOWN OF SUPERIOR, ARIZONA  Notice is hereby given that the Town of Superior, Arizona, will hold elections as follows:            Primary Election:*               ...

Town of Superior

People need police, sanitation, education, fire protection, housing, and safe communities. Together we are going to make the Town of Superior the place over the rainbow, where every person can be afforded the opportunity to succeed.

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