Why Invest in Superior?

The Superior Advantage:

Why Invest in Superior?

The Superior Advantage:

•        Once in a generation opportunity taking place right now for catapulting a community into its next iteration.

•        Working from a strategy that guides how we work with our partners, and our service delivery is tied to clearly-defined key performance indicators.

•        Building strong public-private partnerships based on integrity and shared values.

•        Revitalization is in its nascent stages – ground floor opportunity for the right investors.

•        Unparalleled opportunity for investment and funding – private, philanthropic and public.



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Town of Superior

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Today, Superior, Arizona is in the midst of a renaissance - one that is being driven by long-time residents as well as newcomers and new business establishments who have come to Superior because of its small-town ambience and values, natural beauty and the promise of building a “new”, vibrant community.

As the gateway to Arizona’s Copper Corridor, located on US 60 at the junction of State Highway 177, just 60 minutes from the Phoenix Metro, the Town of Superior has a storied legacy as an important center for the mining industry.  Our small-town population with big aspirations and unparalleled promise is growing and now numbers 3,000+. Superiorites are passionate about their community as evidenced by the scores of citizen and business volunteers who are working hard to rebuild our community on many fronts.  The Town is strategically located in the greater reach of the Phoenix Metropolitan area, offering ease of access to consumer and business markets, two international airports and a population of more than 4.7 million.

Resolution Mining Company, a joint venture between BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto – two global mining goliaths - purchased the rights to the former Magma underground copper mine located in Superior.  Resolution Mining Company already has invested about $1.5 billion to conduct tests and go through US governmental approval processes.  Final approvals and permits to operate the mine and to begin to extract copper ore are on the horizon.  The copper ore deposit in Superior is estimated to be the largest in North America, adding substantially to Arizona’s position as a national producer and exporter of copper in the United States. The mining operation will be using cutting edge technology on this deepest mine in America and leaving the area’s unique natural beauty intact.

Superior, Arizona is much more than copper.  The Town is home to major international businesses with large production facilities, and also is bustling with entrepreneurship activity.  Superior has become the preferred destination for hikers, mountaineers, bikers and nature enthusiasts from across the world who want to experience some of the most majestic beauty in the American West.  

“ Superior, Arizona is much more than copper.”

Opportunity Zone Investment Opportunities:

Ø     Roosevelt Multi-Gen Center Complex (RMGC)

Ø     Housing and Lodging – Housing Rehab, New Construction and New Hotel Development

Ø     Superior Municipal Airport Development – Helicopter Landing Zones

Ø     Superior Industrial Park

Ø     Superior Commercial Properties

Ø     Belmont Hotel (reuse project)

Ø     Enterprise & Innovation Center (Business Incubator and Makers Space)

Town of Superior

People need police, sanitation, education, fire protection, housing, and safe communities. Together we are going to make the Town of Superior the place over the rainbow, where every person can be afforded the opportunity to succeed.

Mila Besich Lira


  csr (@) superioraz.gov
  199 N. Lobb Ave

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