The purpose of the Zoning Ordinance and the intent of its application is to provide the minimum requirements for the implementation of the General Plan; promote the public interest, health, comfort, safety, convenience, and general welfare; to protect the character and the stability of residential, business, recreational, and industrial areas of the community; to guide, control and regulate the future growth and development of the Town of Superior; and to provide for adequate light and air, avoidance of overcrowding of land and excessive concentration of population by establishing land use classifications and by imposing regulations on the use of land, on the location, height and bulk of buildings and structures and by establishing standards for design and development.

For more information about codes, zoning, and ordinances call the Superior Town offices at: 520-689-5752

View the Zoning Ordinance at the Town office: 734 W. Main St., Superior, AZ 85273


  • Planning and Zoning Ordinance

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